For the first time in the history of monitoring lakes and pond across Suffolk County, 10 separate water bodies with blue green algae blooms officially listed by the NYSDEC; prior to this no more than seven sites had been listed. Some of the sites have been chronic problems, such as Long Island's largest lake, Lake Ronkonkoma, while other sites were listed in the last week, such as Sagaponack Pond and Little Fresh Pond on the east end emerged in the last week.

Blue-green algae, also known as cyanobacteria, are of serious concern as they can synthesize potent toxins that can sicken humans and can be lethal to pets and other animals. A child was hospitalized and a dog died following a blue green algae bloom in Minnesota last month and a dog died in East Hampton after consuming blue green algae in 2012. Blue green algal blooms are promoted by heavy loading of nitrogen and phosphorus and high temperatures. Hence, the warm weather forecast for the coming week could intensify these events or see them continue to spread to other water bodies. (Via: 
Long Island Coastal Conservation Research Alliance)